History of Argillite Church of the Nazarene.

*Original composed and written by Dorothy Maddy, August 18, 1991*

A group of people in the community of Argillite, KY felt the need of a holiness church.

Prayer services were held in the home of Mrs. Mary May, under the direction of Rev. Hoard and members of the Russell Church of the Nazarene.

The latter part of the summer, a garage building at the Argillite crossroads was purchased. It was cleaned and whitewashed inside and outside. A few benches and chairs were borrowed.

In September, 1940, the first revival was held by Rev. Buddy May, assisted by the Rev. Hoard and the Rev. Gene Phillips, pasters of Russell and Ashland First Church of the Nazarene.

Following the revival, the church was officially organized with the following members:
Ed and Elma May
R.E. and Audrey Lucas
Garlan and Mae Stafford
Jack and Viola May
Mrs. Ella Winkleman
Mrs. Mary May

That winter, services were continued in homes. Early spring of 1941, the Rev. Hoard and the Rev. Gene Phillips and some of the members assisted Argillite members to weatherboard the outside ans sheetrock the inside of the church building. A rough board floor was laid. A chimney was built for a pot-belly stove. There was no electricity in the community. Seats were made from a 2×8 board resting on cinder blocks.

Around the middle of April 1941, Uncle Bud Robinson preached the first sermon after the completion of the building. Following that service, a church board meeting was held with the Rev. Gene Phillips officiating in the absence of the Rev. L.T. Wells, District Superintendent. The name of Dorothy Maddy was brought before the board as pastor. She accepted and began her ministry the following Sunday, April 21, 1941.

First revival was held in June, 1941 with the Rev. Florence Walling, pastor of Davis Creek Church of the Nazarene, as evangelist, Harvey Hendershot and Jim Boshell, students at Treveca College, as singers.

The next spring, April 1942, Sister Walling returned and the revival lasted for three weeks.

Much sacrificing, prayers and tears went into those beginning days and has continued sixty plus years.

Pastor Scott Hill carried the brick for his Dad Charlie Hill who put the brick on the back of the current church, Pastor Scott was a child at the time living in Argillite!

The following preachers has pastored the church:

Dorothy Maddy
Tommy May
Wilbur Maynard
Allan Ralls
Richard Horton
Daniel Bowman
Charles Stout
Clifford Blythe
Claude Hignite
Ray Wilson
Charles Copley
Deloris Melvin
David Robirda
Addie Robinson
Raymond Keaton
James Harris
Robert Hale
Harold Dixon
Keith Cooper
Mark Smith
Scott Hill
Lloyd Baldridge

During the past sixty years, there have been many valley experiences, as well as the mountain peak experiences.

One member in particular we want to mention, R.E. Lucas, who wanted to give the lot for the present church to be built. God saw fit to take him to heaven before the business was transacted. But his widow, Audrey, and two sons, Ron and Bob deeded the present lot to the Argillite Church of the Nazarene.

Through the efforts of Pastors, Raymond Keaton, James Harris, Keith Cooper and host of members and friends, a beautiful church and fellowship hall was erected as a lighthouse and a beacon of Holiness in the Argillite community.

Looking back, we praise God for his blessings!

Looking forward, what God can do through you, remains yet to be seen for the Argillite Church of the Nazarene.

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